In collaboration with Tobias Wiethoff (Planetarium Bochum) and with some help from Takashi Nakagawa (JAMSTEC), I have been making first steps towards designing a geoscience full-dome planetarium show for outreach purposes. Download the movie below to check out our progress. In April 2015, I presented a preliminary version, as a combination of a traditional PowerPoint presentation with some full-dome science visualizations (and other full-dome sequences), at the Planetarium Bochum (check this out). I talked about the role of mantle convection and plate tectonics in sustaining life-friendly conditions on our planet. About a hundred interested lay people showed up and got interested into solid-Earth science. Another updated show is planned for May 2018. In the future, we inted to apply for funds to be able to develope a full-grown show that can reach a much greater audience.

Geosciences in the Fulldome Planetarium
The movie linked above gives a 3D perspective view of full-dome projections of plate-tectonic reconstructions and geodynamic simulations. In the first first part of the movie, plate-tectonic reconstructions using data from GPlates is shown with seafloor age in colors and continental lithosphere in black. The results of thermochemical whole-mantle convection simulations are represented in the second (colors: temperature), and third (colors: composition) parts. The simulation shown is similar to those described in detail Nakagawa & Tackley (EPSL, 2014).


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