Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
 Seminar Series 2016 

Typically on Wednesdays, 12:00-13:00 (variations may occur).    
Location: NO F 39 (ETH Zentrum Earth Sciences, NO Building, Sonneggstrasse 5, F-floor).


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Schedule Herbstsemester (fall semester) 2016

August 30

NetherMod 2017 (Amersfoort)

No seminar.

September 1
NO E11

Jun Yan (ETH Zurich, GFD)

Research Plan Defense: “Influence of mantle viscosity and its variations on dynamics and topography”.

September 6
NO F11

Irene Bonati (ETH Zurich, D-ERDW)

Quantitative Predictions for the Observability of Protoplanetary Collisions.

September 13
NO F39

Marco Carrara (ETH Zurich, D-ERDW)

Geodynamics of the New Zealand region constrained by SKS splitting and GPS measurements.

September 20

First week of instructions.

No seminar.

September 27
NO F39

Ilya Fomin (ETH Zurich, GFD)
Numerical simulation of melting and melt migration in the Earth's mantle

October 4
NO F39

Ananya Mallik (BGI Bayreuth)
Nitrogen evolution in Earth’s atmosphere-mantle assessed by recycling in subduction zones.

October 11
NO F39

Charitra Jain (ETH Zurich, GFD)
Growing primordial continents self-consistently in global mantle convection models.

October 18
NO F39

Nicholas Harmon (Univ. Southampton)
What surface wave imaging and SS precursors can tell us about continental crust and keel formation.

October 25
NO F39

Nicolas Coltice (Univ. Lyon 1)
Joint reconstruction of global tectonics and deep-mantle flow: an update of recent progress.

November 1
NO F39

Bruno Dhuime (Univ. Montpellier, Bristol Univ.)
An isotope geochemistry perspective on continental growth, the onset of plate tectonics and the emergence of continents.

November 8

No seminar.
GFD seminar replaced by IfG colloquium on Nov 10th (see below).

November 10

IfG colloquium

NO C44

Teh-Ru Alex Song (Univ. College London)
Mantle mixing/unmixing vs. Stagnant slab: A new constraint from joint seismic analysis

November 15
NO F39

Xiaogang Long (ETH Zurich, GFD)
Mantle melting and intraplate volcanism due to upwellings from the stagnant slab.

November 22
NO F39

Frank Wagner (ETH Zurich, GFD)
Geochemical cycling of greenhouse gases between planetary interiors and atmospheres.

November 29
NO F39

Joao Duarte (Univ. Lisbon, Monash Univ.)
Subduction invasion in the Atlantic and geodynamic analogue models of subduction.

December 6

NO F39

AGU practice talks.


December 13

American Geophysical Union fall meeting (AGU, New Orleans).
no seminar.

December 20

NO F39

David Gebhardt (ETH Zurich, GFD)

Research Plan Defense: “Investigating the preservation of primordial heterogeneity in terrestrial planets”.

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