Tobias ROLF


I’m a geophysicist and my main working area is the convection of planetary interiors. In 2013, I finished my PhD project at the Institute of Geophysics, ETH Zurich under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Paul Tackley, head of the research group Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, where I focused my work on the role of continents in the global evolution of Earth’s mantle convection and plate tectonics as well as the link between deeper mantle dynamics and surface observations.

After visiting the Geodynamics group at Monash University, I now work at the Center for Earth Evolution and Dynamics at the University of Oslo, Norway and try to improve our understanding “beyond the Earth”, i.e. of the other terrestrial planets in our solar system


        *  dynamically self-consistent modeling of plate tectonics

        *  the effects of continents on the planetary evolution

        *  the origin and dynamics of the supercontinent cycle

        *  the link between deep mantle processes and surface observations

        *  the limit of predictability of mantle flow simulations

        *  similarities and differences between Earth and other terrestrial planets

        *  the mixing properties and efficiency of mantle convection

        *  visualization of mantle flows in 3D spherical geometry

Latest Update: 05/02/2014


For more information about me please find my CV here.

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