Maxim D. Ballmer
Lecturer (Asst. Professor)
Dept. Earth Sciences, Univ. College London (UCL)
office: KLB 341
also: Affiliated researcher (ELSI, Tokyo Tech)
eMail: {first letter of my firstname}.{my lastname}

I have been a Lecturer at UCL's Dept. of Earth Sciences since March 2019. My research focuses on the dynamics and evolution of Earth and other terrestrial planets in/beyond the solar system. Interior thermochemical structures are indirectly sampled by, e.g., gravity measurements, seismic waves, or the chemistry of hotspot volcanism. To better understand this data and the underlying dynamical evolution, I systematically explore the predictions of numerical simulations of mantle convection, comparing model predictions with geophysical observations and geochemical data.  

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Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI), Tokyo Tech
Inst. Geophysics, ETH Zurich
Dept. Earth Sciences, UCL