11th International Workshop on Modeling of Mantle Convection
and Lithospheric Dynamics

June 28 - July 3, 2009, Braunwald, Switzerland

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On this page you can find practical information about the workshop organisation


The workshop takes place in hotel Waldhaus (see more information on Klausen resort hotels) in Braunwald. Braunwald is a small village located in Eastern Switzerland in the canton of Glarus, about 90 km south-east of Zürich (see a map here).


Due to technical problems, hotel Alpenblick cannot be used anymore for the workshop. This has two main consequences:

  • The workshop (including seminars, discussions, lunches & dinners) will be held in hotel Waldhaus, located about 300 m from the cable car station and hotel Alpenblick.
  • We had to relocate participants in other hotels (Waldhaus, Boarders, Adrenaline, Bellevue, Cristal) in the village.

Practically, we will wait for participants at the cable car station, and re-route each person to his hotel. Note that hotel & food expenses will have to be paid once in hotel Waldhaus, whatever the hotel where you are staying.

See a map of Braunwald with hotels location.

We apologize for this last minute change!

Reaching Braunwald from Zürich

Braunwald is located on a small mountain plateau and is only accessible by cable car from the train station of Linthal Braunwaldbahn. If you purchased a train ticket with Braunwald as final destination, just show your ticket at the cashier to get a cable car ticket. The ascent lasts about 5 minutes, and there is a departure every 1/2 hour. Note that the last departure is at 22.55. Click here for pictures and details on the travel between Linthal Braunwaldbahn station and hotel Alpenblick. To reach Linthal Braunwaldbahn station by ...

... train. Train connections are very efficient in Switzerland, and thus the easiest way to reach Linthal is by train. It takes about 1 hour 45 minutes to reach Braunwald from Zürich Hauptbahnof.

  • From Zürich Hauptbahnof, there is a service to Linthal leaving at the 12th minute of every hour (8.12, 9.12, 10.12 ...). Take a service to Chur, and change in Ziegelbrücke, direction Linthal. Stop at Linthal Braunwaldbahn.
  • On sundays (including June 28), there is also a direct service to Linthal leaving Zürich Hauptbanhof at 8.40 and 10.40.
  • From Zürich airport, take a train to Zürich Hauptbahnof, then to Linthal Braunwaldbahn, as indicated above.

Note that it is possible to purchase a ticket to Braunwald (train + cable car) directly at the airport or at the Central Station. In that case, you will have to show your ticket at the cable car cashier, and you will be given a cable car ticket.

Download SBB timetables from Zurich Hauptbanhof to Braunwald here. iphone owners may use the SBB application for SBB Online-Fahrplan! For more details, you may have a look at the SBB/CFF/FFS website. Note that you can enter directly enter "Braunwald" as destination.

... car. Linthal is about one hour drive from Zürich. Take the motorway A3 Zurich-Chur until Niederurnen, then follow for about 30 Km the national road 17 direction Glarus/Klausen until Linthal. Turn right to Braunwaldbahn right after entering Linthal. Parking places are available at the cable car station.


The hotel has a conference room with about 120 seats only. All people who have pre-registered have been accepted for attending the workshop, provided they completed final registration by June 2.

Registration fee

The registration fee is 150 CHF for regular scientists and free for students. This does not include the cost of hotel room and food, which for the 5 days costs 650 CHF in a shared room or 800 CHF in a single room, to be paid directly to the hotel at the workshop (1 CHF = 0.66 euros = 0.94 USD).

Free time & tourism information

Braunwald and surroundings offer many activities. Below are a few suggestions for the free afternoon (July 1st), and/or for people who plan to spend a few days before or after the workshop.

  • An excursion to the Glarus thrust fault will be organized on wednesday 1 July afternoon. This fault can be seen in Schwanden (on the way between Glarus and Linthal), and is a major geological attraction, since it was the first thrust fault to be recognised in the history of geology.
  • Braunwald offers usual mountain activities, including hiking, biking, and climbing. This includes more than 50 km of hiking trails with different levels of difficulties, and a via ferrata. Needless to mention that trails offer spectacular views on the valley and surrounding peaks. See some examples here and map of the domain here. We will organise a guided hike if there is enough interest.
  • The resort also offers many indoor and outdoor activities, most of them can be completed in 1/2 day and can be booked from the hotel. These include:
    • Visiting of a local bier brewery.
    • Visiting of a local cheese-making facility.
    • Laser clay pigeon shooting.
    • Crossbow shooting.
    • A mini-golf.

For more info and ideas, have a look at the following websites:

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