11th International Workshop on Modeling of Mantle Convection
and Lithospheric Dynamics

June 28 - July 3, 2009, Braunwald, Switzerland

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This page lists the poster sessions:

Poster presentations: information

Each participant may present one poster. The size is A0 oriented vertically, i.e., 84 cm wide by 119 cm high. Additionally, before each poster session, presenters are invited to give a one slide, one minute advertisement of their poster. This requires uploading your single slide (ppt or pdf) onto the provided computer (there will be no time to swap computers).

Session 1 (Monday pm): Lithospheric Dynamics and Topography

  • Coseismic subduction zone strain-release as a constraint for slab dynamics. Alpert, Lisa
  • Something completely different: Two-phase physics of volcanic eruptions. Bercovici, Dave
  • Mantle-lithosphere interactions: insights from lithosphere-scale problems. Burov, Evgueni
  • Topographic signals of mantle flow. Fahl, Andre
  • Subduction stress accumulation and dissipation in Wadati-Benioff zones. Fry, Anna
  • Continental Deformation along the Chilean Margin : Thermomechanical Models of Subduction. Gerbault, Muriel
  • Signatures of downgoing plate-buoyancy driven subduction in Cenozoic plate motions. Goes, Saskia
  • Radiogenic heating in the lower lithosphere and its effect on geotherm, seismic velocities, and heat flow. Hieronymus, Chris
  • Rheological insights obtained from postseismic GPS data of the Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake 2004. Hoechner, Andreas
  • Impact of the Hapagea surpercontinental aggregation on American Cordilleras and the seafloor age distribution. Husson, Laurent
  • Reconciling surface plate motions and a three-dimensional mantle flow field in the southern Alaska subduction-transform system. Jadamec, Margarete
  • Relationship between variations in spreading rate of the Pacific plate and time-dependent subducting slab dynamics. Lee, Changyeol
  • Upper mantle convective instability causes San Andreas Fault to creep. Le Pourhiet, Laetitia
  • Geodynamical Models of the Rotation and Extension of Alcapa and Tisza Blocks in the Pannonian Basin of Central Europe. Lorinczi, Piroska
  • Numerical modeling on craton destruction. Lu, Gang
  • Thermomechanical Modeling of the Channel Flow Dynamics and Metamorphism. Maierova, Petra
  • Generation of intermediate to deep earthquakes by self-localizing thermal runaway: insights from petrological and numerical studies. Medvedev, Sergei
  • Strength of Dead-Sea-Transform Fault: Constrained by thin-shell thermo-mechanical model. Meneses Rioseco, Ernesto
  • 3D models of shear and extensional deformation of the lithosphere. Moresi, Louis
  • The Effects of Glacial Loading on Lithospheric Instabilities. Paczkowski, Karen
  • Modeling Transform Plate Boundary in 3D: Dead Sea Transform Fault from the Red Sea to Lebanon Mountains. Petrunin, Alexey
  • 3D modeling of continental transform faults: case study San Andreas Fault System. Popov, Anton
  • What drives plates? A new approach by combining the two torque balance methods. Quere, Sandrine
  • Stress - strength relationship in the lithosphere during continental collision and plateau formation: Implications for occurrence of deep Earthquakes. Schmalholz, Stefan
  • Postglacial rebound with spatially varying lithospheric thickness. Schmidt, Peter
  • Vertical motions of passive margins of Greenland: influence of ice sheet, glacial erosion, and sediment transport. Souche, Alban
  • The quest for dynamic topography: What can we learn from a combined regional and spectral approach? Steinberger, Bernhard
  • Geodynamic modeling of terrane accretion. Tetreault, Joya
  • Geodynamically consistent cross-sections through active mountainbelts. Thielmann, Marcel
  • High-resolution two-dimensional lithospheric simulations. Thieulot, Cedric
  • Dynamics of continental collision. van Hunen, Jeroen
  • Exploring Parameter Space of Rift Induced Delamination. Wallner, Herbert
  • Influence of mantle dynamics on global patterns of mid-ocean ridge bathymetry. Weatherley, Samuel
  • Influence of surrounding plates on 3D subduction dynamics. Yamato, Philippe
  • Role of phase transitions at 410 and 660 km depths on upper mantle flow beneath continental rifts and mid-oceanic ridges. Zarifi, Zoya

Session 2 (Tuesday pm): Plumes, Subduction and Links to the Deep Mantle

  • Stresses in a Shallow-Dipping Subduction Slab. Babeyko, Andrey
  • Dynamics of geochemical interactions between subducting slab and mantle wedge in 2D and 3D: Insight from numerical modeling and observation. Baitsch-Ghirardello, Bettina
  • Interaction of the Hawaiian plume with small-scale sublithospheric convection. Ballmer, Maxim
  • Influence of density anomalies in the lower mantle on the geoid. Beuchert, Marcus
  • Simple subduction models with Sulec. Buiter, Susanne
  • Dynamics and Implications of Slab Detachment Due to Ridge-Trench Collision. Burkett, Erin
  • Modeling of Two-phase Damage Theory in a Convective System. Cai, Zhengyu
  • The Thermochemical structure of the upper mantle as inferred by seismic and gravity data. Cammarano, Fabio
  • Discussion on resolving sediment subduction. Chemia, Zurab
  • Thermally driven mantle plumes reconcile multiple hot-spot observations. Davies, Huw
  • Unraveling slab/mantle coupling with subduction zone kinematics: insights from laboratory and numerical models. Di Giuseppe, Erika
  • Numerical modelling of spontaneaous slab breakoff and continental collision: implications for topography evolution. Duretz, Thibault
  • The mechanics of deep slab hydration and related geodynamical processes. Faccenda, Manuele
  • The effect of the viscosity and the internal heating on mantle plume dynamics. Galsa, Attila
  • The role of slabs, keels and the asthenosphere for global plate dynamics. Gerault, Melanie
  • Forthcoming textbook: Introduction to Numerical Geodynamic Modelling (Cambridge University Press). Gerya, Taras
  • Effect of lateral viscosity variations on mantle flow and the geoid. Ghosh, Attreyee
  • Numerical modelling of subducting slabs with trench migration. Kameyama, Masanori
  • Analytical and numerical models of the dynamics of subducting slabs. Kaus, Boris
  • Investigating the physical properties of mantle plumes in 3D using an automatic plume detection routine. Lenkey, Laszlo
  • Subducting slab : a jellyfish in the Earth aquarium. Loiselet, Christelle
  • 3D Modeling of Flat Slab Subduction and Detachment beneath Central Mexico. Manea, Vlad Constantin
  • The role of Tehuantepec ridge subduction on mantle hydration and young volcanism in Southern Mexico. Manea, Marina
  • Repeated ridge jumps associated with plume-ridge interaction and melt migration. Mittelstaedt, Eric
  • Possibility of hot anomaly in the sub-slab mantle at northeast Japan subduction zone. Morishige, Manabu
  • Subduction Dynamics and Magmatic Arc Growth: Numerical Modeling of Isotopic Features. Nikolaeva, Ksenia
  • The influence of surface boundary conditions on subduction zone dynamics. Quinquis, Matthieu
  • The role of fluids in the subduction channel: towards a new thermomechanical model. Quinteros, Javier
  • Initiation of the Modern Style of Subduction in the Precambrian: insights from Numerical Experiments. Sizova, Elena
  • Distinct styles of subduction and implications for Earth's evolution. Stegman, Dave
  • Predicting The Seismic Signature Of Thermo-chemical Mantle Plumes. Styles, Elinor
  • The thermal structure and the surface manifestation of mantle plumes in three-dimensional models. S�le, Balint
  • Longitude: Linking Earths ancient surface to its deep interior. Torsvik, Trond
  • Subducted slabs and lateral viscosity variations: effects on the long-wavelength geoid. Tosi, Nicola
  • On the different ways to define a thermal plume and look at mantle entrainment. Touitou, Floriane
  • Small-scale thermal-chemical convection in 3-D mantle wedge. Zhu, Guizhi

Session 3 (Thursday pm): Mantle Dynamics in Earth and Planets; Numerical Methods

  • 3-D Spherical modelling of the thermo-chemical evolution of Venus' mantle and crust. Armann, Marina
  • Tides contribution to geodynamical evolution, towards a self-consistent model. Behounkova, Marie
  • Modelling the Geoid and Topography of Venus in Various Thermal Convection Models. Benesova, Nina
  • Coupled evolution of the orbit and internal dynamics of the planets and of their satellites: Application to the primitive Earth-Moon system. Besserer, Jonathan
  • Lithosphere thickness on Mars: results from geoid and topography inversion. Cadek, Ondrej
  • Heat Transport and Mass Exchange for a Thermally Convecting System with a Depth Dependent Viscosity. Crowley, John
  • Epsidocity in Earths mantle. Davies, Rhodri
  • Thermo-chemical convection and the survival of reservoirs of dense material in the deep mantle. Deschamps, Frederic
  • Direct numerical simulation of two-phase flow: Pattern formation and effective rheology of particle suspensions. Deubelbeiss, Yolanda
  • Parametric laws for temperature into a convecting mantle. Duchoiselle, Lionel
  • Heat Flow Scaling of Convection with Damage Theory and the Onset of Plate Tectonics. Foley, Bradford
  • Development of Eulerian numerical procedure for free surface toward plate-mantle simulation. Furuichi, Mikito
  • Is there a subsurface ocean within Triton's interior? Gaeman, Jodi
  • Scalable robust solvers for unstructured FE modeling applications, solving the Stokes equation for models with large, localized, viscosity contrasts. Geenen, Thomas
  • Quantifying the Uncertainty of 3-D Backward Mantle Convection Model. Glisovic, Petar
  • Towards self-consistent modelling of the Martian dichotomy: Coupled models of simultaneous core and crust formation. Golabek, Gregor
  • Mantle convection, topography and geoid on Mars and Venus. Golle, Olivia
  • The effect of different geometries on the numerical models of the thermal mantle convection. Herein, Matyas
  • Anisotropic mobility during two-phase flow. Hier-Majumder, Saswata
  • Lithosphere thickness on Mars: results from geoid and topography inversion. Kalousova, Klara
  • Two-phase Solitary wave Solutions and Numerical Benchmark. Kanjilal, Suranita
  • Modelling mantle dynamics and crust formation on Mars. Keller, Tobias
  • Edge-Driven Convection in 3D Spherical Convection. King , Scott
  • Multigrid and Krylov subspace solvers for the Stokes system. K�stler, Christoph
  • The influence of evolving plate boundaries in 3D mantle convection simulations. Lowman, Julian
  • Core Mantle Boundary Topography as a Constraint on Large Scale Mantle Models. McNamara, Allen
  • Application of adaptive wavelets in geodynamics. Mishin, Yury
  • Towards a robust TERRA. M�ller, Markus
  • Length-scale of compressible mantle convection with the plate-like behavior. Nakagawa, Takashi
  • Super-Size Earth: Influence of an Inner Stagnant Lid on the Plate Tectonic Behaviour of Super-Earths. Noack, Lena
  • The problem of using Frank Kamenetskii approximation for the viscosity law in thermal evolution models. Plesa, Ana-Catalina
  • Benchmark on Prandtl number influence for GeoFlow II, a mantle convection experiment in spherical shells. Scurtu, Nicoleta
  • A benchmark study of mantle convection models with plates. Stein, Claudia
  • Using the yin-yang grid to model thermo-chemical mantle convection with large viscosity contrasts in a 3-D spherical shell. Tackley, Paul
  • Linking CitcomS with SPECFEM3D. Tan, Eh
  • Transitions in Tectonic Mode based on calculations of self-consistent plate tectonics in a 3D spherical shell. van Heck, Hein

Spherical convection with ppv phase transition