Dynamics of the mantle and lithosphere

Spring Semester 2017
651-4008-00 G

Lecturer:       A. Rozel (antoine.rozel@erdw.ethz.ch); NO Bld, rm H9.3

Location:      NO F39
                     Sonneggstrasse 5
                     ETH Zentrum

         Monday         10:00-12:00     [20.02; 27.02; 06.03; 13.03; 20.03; 27.03; 03.04]
         Thursday       08:00-10:00     [23.02; 02.03; 09.03; 16.03; 23.03; 30.03; 06.04]

The goal of this course is to obtain a detailed understanding of the physical properties, structure, and dynamical behavior of the mantle-lithosphere system, focusing mainly on Earth but also discussing how these processes occur differently in other terrestrial planets.

Course outline
Thermal structure
Mantle dynamics (I)
Rheology of the Earth (I)
Mantle dynamics (II)
Subduction dynamics
Constraining the Rheology of the Earth
Recent geodynamic topics (paper summaries)

Practical 1
Practical 2
Practical 3
Practical 4

Notes: thermal structure
Notes: compositional structure

Notes: continuum mechanics
Notes: rheology
Notes: fluid dynamics
Notes: plumes
Notes: tectonics
MATLAB: Introduction
MATLAB: Introduction script
MATLAB: Plotting example